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The 38th International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition

EVS history

The International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS) series, organized by the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), is recognized as the premier event for academic, government and industry professionals involved in electric drive technologies, for more than half a century.

Presently, the EVS series holds a distinguished status as the primary and most extensive gathering in the worldwide electric transportation sector. It exhibits a wide array of technologies, both currently available in the market and those in development – spanning from battery electric vehicles with low-speed capabilities to fuel cell electric buses.

This EV industrial gathering draws the participation of academic, governmental, and industry figures globally, all keen on delving into and comprehending the technical, policy, and market hurdles associated with the transformative shift towards the adoption of electric transportation technologies.

EVS 37


EVS 37: 2024 : Seoul, Korea

The theme of the symposium is "Electric Waves to Future Mobility," and will feature an exhibition in conjunction with the symposium, in which all participants will have the opportunity to see the most recent trends in the technology and evolution of electric vehicles.

EVS 36


EVS 36 : 2023: Sacramento, USA

E-mobility is at an inflection point and historic next steps for electric drive have been taken in Sacramento. More than 2,200 stakeholders through program and exhibit opportunities elevate your e-mobility profile through our social media platforms and be part of the local, national, and global conversation through wide ranging media coverage and our public day activities.

EVS 35


EVS 35 : 2022: Oslo, Norway

Electrifying mobility is propelling new technologies, empowering consumers to take concrete action and is demanding politicians to take swift and concrete action.
What will the future of electric mobility look like? And what are the biggest challenges for realizing zero emission transport on the road, at sea and in the air?

EVS 34


EVS 34: 2021: Nanjing, China

Leaders and elites from governments, enterprises and academic institutions around the world to discuss forward-looking policies, advanced technologies and outstanding market achievements in the field of electric transportation.
The conference included an exhibition covering an area of 30,000 square meters, several main forums, hundreds of sub-forums, test driving activities for the public and technical visits for industry insiders.

EVS 33


EVS 33: 2020: Portland, USA

Premier showcase for industry innovation and is the longest-running conference devoted to electric transportation and technologies.
EVS33 assembled global leaders from industry, government, and academia in Portland to explore and examine the technical, policy, and market achievements and challenges in advancing the electrification of transportation.

EVS 32


EVS 32: 2019: Lyon, France

Sustainable mobility is a key issue for all industrial manufacturers and public authorities. It affects both our lifestyles and the economy in general.
The future of sustainable mobility also depends on major changes to infrastructures, such as electrification, connectivity, and driverless vehicles.
To prepare for these changes, it is essential to fully understand how new technology will be used for mobility in the future, as well as the related business models and issues surrounding social acceptability.

EVS 31


EVS 31: 2018: Kobe, Japan

EVS31 discussed modern issues throught:
Plenary Sessions to introduce perspectives of a smart society driven by future electric vehicles (EVs), supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and connected technologies.
Technical Sessions organized by JSAE and APE to invite high level and state-of-the-art technologies. Exhibition of EV and related technologies, showcasing the world-class technologies of Japanese and overseas automobile manufacturers and “Ride & Drive,” which offers opportunities to drive the latest machines.

EVS 30


EVS 30: 2017: Stuttgart, Germany

EVS30 is a major e-mobility event that has been travelling the world since 30 years. This year it is taking place in Stuttgart, a city renowned for its automotive expertise and innovation. The traditional internal combustion engine is facing up to a progressive disappearance from the road, with countries and manufacturers programming their demise. Electromobility is starting to gain momentum and EVS30 provides the perfect opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, users and decision-makers to get together. Discussions will focus on the latest technical solutions, legislation and key trends.

EVS 29


EVS 29: 2016: Montreal, Canada

The world’s largest international electric vehicle conference returns to North America from June 19-22, 2016, in Montréal Québec, Canada. EVS has been assembling global leaders from industry, government, and academia to address technical, policy and market topics in the electrification of vehicle fleets since 1969.
Key Features of EVS29:

  • A major trade show with a diverse exhibit floor featuring products, services, and organizations.
  • Cutting-edge presentations on electric mobility products and technologies from experts and industry leaders.
  • Academic track showcasing world-renowned researchers and breakthrough findings.
  • Frequent networking opportunities, including formal gatherings and customizable meetings.
  • Ride, Drive & Charge

EVS 28


EVS 28: 2015 : Govang, Korea

The upcoming EVS28 will be an important milestone for the future of the EV industry. Under the theme of “e-Motional Technology for Humans,” EVS28 will serve as a venue to share and discuss the next steps of Electro Mobility as a key to making the automobile industry “Green” and “Sustainable.”
An exhibition will be held in conjunction with the symposium to showcase the new technologies on the market. In addition, drawing boards will showcase innovations-from low-speed battery electric vehicles to fuel cell electric buses. Moreover, various events such as the Drive & Ride and Technical Visit will be offered during the event to broaden and expand our experience of related fields.

EVS 27


EVS 27: 2013: Barcelona, Spain

Targeting mainly professionals, EVS27 will showcase the latest technical advances and products developed in this field. It will also feature an exhibition area and the “Ride, Drive and Charge” zone in which the public will be able to test all kind of different electric vehicles.
The topics held in the conference are classified in the next groups:

  • Vehicles manufacturers and providers
  • Vehicle propulsion systems
  • Vehicle subsystems and components
  • Infrastructure
  • Market, business, and public policies
  • Energy and environment

EVS 26


EVS 26: 2012: Los Angeles, USA

EVS26 is the premier conference and market for the EV industry. EVS26 unites the business, technology, policy, finance, and academic leaders to provide significant information and insight into the latest developments in the EV industry.

EVS 25


EVS 25: 2010: Shenzhen, China

EVS-25 will show the latest technological achievements and the future development trends. The expected exhibiting area will be over 30,000sqm. The world’s leading suppliers in the field will showcase their latest electric vehicles, related products, and technology in the fairground.
The theme this year is "Sustainable Mobility Revolution".